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Highslide JS The CPRA’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan is based on a two year analysis involving some of the state’s best scientists as well as national and international specialists. The state used this analysis to select 109 high performing projects that could deliver measurable benefits to our communities and coastal ecosystem over the coming decades. The plan shows that if these projects were fully funded, at a pricetag of $50 billion, we could substantially increase flood protection for communities and create a sustainable coast. These archived data sets were utilized to support the development of the 2012 Coastal Master Plan and were largely generated by a suite of Predictive Models.

The Predictive models developed for the Master Plan were used to assess how the coast will change in 50 years if no further action is taken to restore Louisiana’s coastal ecosystem and reduce flooding risks and to assess how the coast will change in 50 years if certain protection and restoration projects are constructed. The 2012 Coastal Master Plan integrated both restoration and protection. To reflect restoration outcomes, the models looked at how land changes throughout the coast—where land is building and where it’s disappearing. The models also evaluated ecosystem outcomes, the benefits provided to people by Louisiana’s coast. To reflect risk reduction outcomes, models were used to evaluate storm surge and economic damage from flooding. The Predictive Models used in the master plan are organized into seven groups, or modules. Each module represents a different aspect of how the coastal landscape changes over time. More detailed information on each model can be found in the 2012 Coastal Master Plan appendices.
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Predictive Models
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